Islamic lesson provokes Christian outrage

Following revelations that Virginian high school educator Cheryl LaPorte tricked her students into denying the God their parents instructed them to believe in, it has since come to light that World Geography wasn’t the only class in which she had been teaching false doctrine. In response to the initial concerns, which were raised when it … More Islamic lesson provokes Christian outrage

Australia, horrorcore, and the First Amendment

Following in the footsteps of former pick-up artist Julien Blanc, a number of infamous public figures have ditched the lecture halls in favour of recording studios. Shortly after having his visa cancelled in November of last year by then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, Blanc began performing and recording under the moniker “Blanc Verse”. Once a … More Australia, horrorcore, and the First Amendment

Refugees pledge to remain in Syria

Despite being stripped of his Human Rights Medal on the basis of a technicality, Syrian activist and philanthropist Mahmoud Qabbani has stated that he will nevertheless continue to promote and protect the rights of the underprivileged and oppressed. Describing the oversight as “regrettable”, a representative from the Australian Human Rights Commission explained that their “hands … More Refugees pledge to remain in Syria