Plagiarist responds to accusations of integrity


Professional plagiarist and amateur sock-puppeteer CJ Werleman has been accused of journalistic integrity after his most recent piece for Middle East Eye was found to contain quotation marks.

Additionally, the fact that 740 of the article’s 1031 words might have been written by Werleman has lead many to speculate that he may also be guilty of authorship.

Unsurprisingly, the Australian-born copy-paster was quick to deny these allegations, dismissing them as “completely unfounded.”

According to philosopher Peter Boghossian, however, this isn’t the first time Werleman has tried to pass his own work off as someone else’s. Indeed, of the eight quotes Werleman ascribes to himself on his Goodreads page, only six were appropriated (with attribution, no less), while the remaining two appear to have actually been authored by him.

The Hoc Post reached out to Werleman very early this morning to see if he had anything to say in response. As per Werleman’s irreproachable ethical standards, the exchange that followed has been reprinted here without permission:

I’ve published 5 books and 100+ op-eds. You’ve read at least one of my books and know how many quotation marks, citations, and original thoughts weren’t used in Atheists Can’t Be Republicans.

Yes, I can see why [the Panama Papers essay is] a little problematic. Indeed, it was sloppy to include quotation marks for those quotes. But, nevertheless, it was a rehash of everything you’ve read before.

It’s hard to plagiarise, “We can be pretty sure there will be many more shoes to drop,” for instance, when [the line] hasn’t even been used before. It’s just a patent fact that no one else would have thought to butcher the expression in such a nonsensical way. Ergo ipso facto, how could I have possibly plagiarised it?

Point is — if after all I’ve plagiarised, people want to defame me for really what amounts to one account of integrity, well, not much I can do about that.

Less than an hour later, Werleman sent a follow-up email.

On further thought, I have no excuse for the quotation marks. Why I enclosed them, I don’t know. They shouldn’t have been. Very sloppy. But if you look over the entire body of my work, you’ll see that all of my op-eds are bereft of citations, quotation marks, and original thoughts.

And another.

It appears the quotation marks may have been a mess up with Middle East Eye’s editing process. They won’t put out a statement, but regardless I take no responsibility for not checking post publication.

Despite Werleman’s sincere attempt at an apology, however, Malcolm Waters, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Graham Fuller, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Benjamin Barber, Haroon Moghul, and The Huffington Post have threatened to file a class-action lawsuit against Werleman should he ever again give them credit where it’s due.


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